Hi, my name is Christian Körner and welcome to ps-xaf.

The site is mainly for myself to keep track of links, documentation or interesting parts on the web.

If you are wondering about the the domain name, it is derived from the command ps -xaf. The days back I had no better idea for a name. For those who are not familiar with *NIX, the ps command displays a list of current running processes and -xaf are options to format the output.

I have decided to replace the old html site with wordpress. I also hope it will force me to use the blog and gives me the chance for faster updates/collecting notes. Currently my notes are kind of distributed in mails and wikis.

At the moment I work as a System Administrator in Berlin, means maintain mainly linux servers and provide support to our software engineers.

I spent a good bit of my time with GNU/Linux otherwise I enjoy the real life with my daughter and wife.

If you would like to get in touch with me, feel free to drop me an email.