Aug 202013

This year I attended my first Debconf in Varmarcus, Switzerland. I spent the week before in Italy, close to Ravenna at at small place called Porto Cosini where Lisa, Sofia and I had rented a appartment. Though the original plan was to spent there 2 weeks together I could convince Lisa beforehand to “allow” me to head off for Debconf – which I very much appreciated.

I arrived on Monday late evening and have to admit the first 2 days were not quite as productive as I had hoped for. Wheras Wednesday wasn’t much chance to do much anyway due to the daytrip to CERN. Big thanks to Cate again to for organizing this unofficial trip. I posted some pics below which I took with my mobile phone so they are not great quality.

One of the original Next computers used by  Tim Berners-LeeOne of the original Next computers used by Tim Berners-Lee

CERN DCCERN datacenter

LHC controll roomLHC controll room

LHC controll centerLHC controll room

CERN symbolCERN symbol

ATLAS paintingPainting of ATLAS experiment

The way back took a bit longer with the result that we missed our ship where we were suppose to have dinner on. Thanks god they had mercy and collected us eventually



Thursday morning I sat in a few talks like Introduction to git-dpmWoman in Debian and MariaDB. In the afternoon I took the chance for my first ghostification as Assassin with the result being of ghostified 10 minutes later myself.

Friday I  followed up regarding bugfixes for the Sympa packages and got hold of Jonas for a while so he could explain me about the bugfixing process. Late afternoon was an interesting talk about Paths into Debian where one conclusion was to have more local groups which would allow interested people  personal contacts beside IRC or mailinglists. And indeed it definitely would be nice to see more local city groups, which I take as a little challenge to follow up on after I had a chat with Moray, Asheesh and Sorina.

So looking back Dbconf2013 was my first Debconf and for sure not my last.

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