Mar 242013

Last week I got the chance to attend the Hadoop Summit 2013 in Amsterdam. As my experience with hadoop is still quite new it’s nice to
get a chance to see how other people deal with challenges in their infrastructure.

The most interesting sessions were from Mahadev Konar about Ambari and Allan Wittenau about linkedIn operations.

Actually I just joined Mahadev Birds of a Feather session on Day1 where he gave an overview about Ambari as I couldn’t make it to the actual talk. The 1.3.0 release could be a an early stage alternativ to Cloudera Manager. It still requires work but the first impression looks promising. A big benefit to Cloudera Manager is probably the rest-API which allows you to combine external applications/tools (e.g. config mgmt, etc.).

Allen Wittenau from LinkedIn who works as an Architect on their hadoop infrastructure gave a good insight into the operations at linkedIn. Nice was also to get a chance for a follow up chat the day after. with Allen,  Owen,  Avik and Bence

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